Linux Memory Management: Slabs

Memory slabs are used by Linux kernel to manage memory for kernel objects. The objects are e.g dentry, inodes, and buffer heads Why to Know About Slabs If you don’t understand about missing usage info of cached memory objects. The system is low on memory and top & […]

Lambda Architecture & Heavy Hitters

I came across an interesting video on Finding top K heavy hitters. The solution with Lambda Architecture seems intriguing. Things to Note Lambda Architecture uses a fast path and a slow path. Slow path is used for batch processing. Fast path is used for in-memory processing. Variation Most […]

Supershort Intro to TLS

Transport Layer Security Client & Server use a stateful connection over TCP The connection is secured using a symmetric encryption Client indicates to server to use TLS Client usually use a different port (e.g.443) A primary use of TLS is to secure World Wide Web traffic between a […]

Python AST: Evaluate an Expression

Do you want to convert a string of Python expression to Python object? Use ast $ cat import ast exDict = ‘{“name”: “1”}’ x = ast.literal_eval(exDict) print(x) $ python {‘name’: ‘1’} Another Example >>> import ast >>> x = u'[ “A”,”B”,”C” , ” D”]’ >>> x […]