Golang: HTTP Client & Server with Query Params


func TestDelete(id string, registered bool) {
      path := "http://localhost:8085/v1/shops"

      // Create client
      client := &http.Client{}

      // Create request
      req, err := http.NewRequest("DELETE", path, nil)
      if err != nil {

      q := req.URL.Query()
      q.Add("id", r.UID)
      q.Add("registered", strconv.FormatBool(registered))
      req.URL.RawQuery = q.Encode()


      // Fetch Request
      resp, err := client.Do(req)
      if err != nil {
      defer resp.Body.Close()

      // Read Response Body
      respBody, err := ioutil.ReadAll(resp.Body)
      if err != nil {
      fmt.Printf("response=%v body=%v", resp, respBody)
      // the server returns a slice in response body
      var out []string
      json.Unmarshal(respBody, &out)
      fmt.Printf("response=%s", out)


var ( 
    errQP = errors.New("query param error")

func handleDelete(r *http.Request) (*response, error) {
	uid := r.URL.Query().Get("id")
	registration := r.URL.Query().Get("registration")
	if uid == "" || legacy == "" {
		glog.Errorf("handleDeletes: Url Param missing uid=%s registration=%s", uid, registration)
		return nil, errQP

	isRegistered, err := strconv.ParseBool(registered)
	if err != nil {
		glog.Errorf("handleDelete: failed to parse id=%s registration=%s", uid, registration)
		return nil, err
	// deletedShops is a slice
	deletedShops, err := deleteShops(id, isRegistered)
	if err != nil {
		glog.Errorf("handleDelete: failed id=%s registration=%v err=%s", id, isRegistered, err)
		return nil, err

	return &response{
		status: 200,
		body:   deletedShops,
	}, nil

Points to Note

  • The above code allows a client to encode query params in a request.
  • The Client gets a slice in response.

C++: Max Product in a Matrix witout Backtrack


Given a matrix, find the path from top left to bottom right with the greatest product by moving only down and right.

The code is in C++.
The only moves allowed are down and right. The solution works for positive numbers.


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A Resilient Web API Client in Ruby

Ruby HTTP client is not sophisticated enough to handle errors gracefully. I came across a well-designed client for a web service at [AppSignal].

The code for the client is as following:

The code has the following logic:

  1. Try to establish a connection with the server.
  2. The request has a timeout and connection refused exceptions.
  3. If retries fail, code raise the last seen exception.
  4. Each retry has increased timeout.

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C++: Find Longest Sequence of Numbers in An Unsorted Array

Given an unsorted array, find the length of the longest sequence of consecutive numbers in the array.

$ g++ -std=c++11 ./FindLongestSequence.cc
$ ./a.out


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C++: Find Duplicates in a Positive Integers Range 1 to N

Given an array of integers where each value 1 <= x <= len(array), write a function that finds all the duplicates in the array.

C++ Solution

$ g++ -std=c++11 ./FindDuplicates.cc
$ ./a.out
1 2


Python Code To Find Median of Sorted Arrays of Equal Size

The following code has two implementations of finding median of two sorted arrays in O(n) and O(log n).