>Idiotic scanf() : Scanning whitespaces in a string

>In C, a few functions are real nasty and scanf() is one of them. It’s specially bad for inputting strings.
What will happen if you give a string:

-> scanf(“%s”, string)

-> Input: “C is stupid”.

Well, you will have only “C” in the “string”.

Reason: It happens because scanf() considers white-spaces as delimiter. So “C” being followed by a white space is considered as the only input. Simple, isn’t it?

Remedy: We have something like follows:

int main()
char arr[10];
scanf(“%*[ \t\n]%s”, arr);


Only way is this:

#define SIZE 128

int main() {
char arr[SIZE];
char ch;
int index = 0;

while(ch != ‘\n’ && index < SIZE)
ch = getchar();
arr[index] = ch;
arr[index] = ”;


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