>Some useful questions

>- Access privileges for private functions in C++?
– Controlling exclusive access to a variable with two processor and two threads?
– Pattern substitution with sed?
– What is md5?
– When do you allocate memory for static variables?
– Phases of compiler, AST?
– When do we allocate storage for static?
– Data hiding and encapsulation?
– Is Vtable per class/object?
– Difference between COFF and ELF?
– Compiler phase of function in-lining?
– Difference between macro and function in-lining?
– Types of parsers?
– YACC is which parser?
– How lex and yacc work?
– How does linker gets info about static variables?
– How protected specifier works in C++?
– What is memory leak?
– Accessing static outside its scope?
– How assembler works?
– When do we do semantic analysis?
– You have a file with write-only access, and you have N threads. How would you ensure sharing of this file among these threads considering performance a prime concern?
– Singleton class? A real world example.
– How would you classify a file based on contents of the class? How many search keyword in the file are necessary?

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