>Running Ubuntu 9.10 Casper On your PC

>A complete solution: Image Writing to Installation

Ubuntu is a free open source Linux distribution, primarily for desktop users. There are many reasons to use Ubuntu instead of other Linux distro(Just Google for it).

I am assuming that reader is an Ubuntu user on a x86 system and knows some stuff about Linux.

o) First thing is get the latest Ubuntu bundle(an .iso file) from Ubuntu website.
o) Now get a pen drive.
o) From “Application” menu, run USB creator.
Give the path of iso file and click create USB drive.
+ If pendrive is more than 4GB, You would get an error saying “partition not found”:
Just do the following:
* Install gparted utility with Synopsis Bundle Manger
* Create a partition table with “gparted” on your pendrive
* Now create a FAT32 partition of size 1000MB on this pendrive
o) Run USB startup disk creator again.

o) Voila! You are done

o) You save money spent on CD/DVD to write Ubuntu image.
o) This method is very fast and reliable, compared to use of optical media.

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