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Corrupted VMWare VMDK file? How to fix?

o) Create a new VMWare machine of the same guest OS.
o) Assign the corrupted VMDK file as additional HDD to the new machine. VMWare machine config allows you to add an existing HDD (VMDK file) to a machine.
o) Browse your corrupted virtual HDD. Enjoy!




6 thoughts on “Corrupted VMWare VMDK file? How to fix? Leave a comment

  1. Guys, this is a plain disaster recovery solution.
    I was in a panic when my VMDK was unusable for booting. Attaching it as an additional drive to a functional VM helped me get the data back. Nonetheless, I welcome your critic.


  2. This should work, especially if the disk isn’t too badly damage, but you’re getting frustrated when the machine runs into the damaged area and the entire VM shuts down without allowing you to continue despite the error.


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