An efficient system setup for Linux programmer – part 1

A Linux software developer has plenty of development environment choices. But situation becomes complicated with a corporate IT policy that forces us to use Windows. And, I say not. So what to do? Here I’m sharing the best lot of my experience:

Keep your Windows setup untouched

Most of us get Windows PC from our company. I recommend *not* to touch it; you need your Microsoft Outlook working, your calendar sane and your company’s IT policy intact. If you replace Windows with a Linux distro, it likely that your company would have no or minimal IT support. Besides, Linux look-alike are not up-to-the-mark or are very tedious to set up (e.g. VPN, mails and so on).

So, use a Virtual Machine: Try VirtualBox or VM Player. Both are free. Install Ubuntu ( or your fav distro) on your system, and carry out all your job from this VM. With Linux, you get all the development tools and utilities. And your Windows setup is intact.

VMPlayer beautifully integrates guest and host environment. You can seamlessly use clipboard, move flies around to-and-fro. If you are blessed with two monitors, yahoo! you can “extend” your Windows screen across these two monitor screens: one showing host Windows and other your soul and flesh: Linux

With VMPlayer, you have insane choice of suspending your Linux machine, and playing it when you want! It’s very fast, safe and convenient. Also, you could copy the same image on a different system altogether.

Unfortunately, VirtualBox sucks!. Period. No need to play around, and waste your precious time. Use VMPlayer. Trust me on this!

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