Notes on RGW Manifest

RGW maintains a manifest of each object. The class RGWObjManifest implements the details with object head, tail placement.
Manifest is written as XATTRs along with RGWRados::Object::Write::_do_write_meta( ).

 * Write/overwrite an object to the bucket storage.
 * bucket: the bucket to store the object in
 * obj: the object name/key
 * data: the object contents/value
 * size: the amount of data to write (data must be this long)
 * accounted_size: original size of data before compression, encryption
 * mtime: if non-NULL, writes the given mtime to the bucket storage
 * attrs: all the given attrs are written to bucket storage for the given object
 * exclusive: create object exclusively
 * Returns: 0 on success, -ERR# otherwise.

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