Notes on RGW Sytem Object State

RGW raw object store has following structure:

// rgw/rgw_rados.h
struct RGWRawObjState {
  rgw_raw_obj obj;
  bool has_attrs{false};
  bool exists{false};
  uint64_t size{0};
  ceph::real_time mtime;
  uint64_t epoch;
  bufferlist obj_tag;
  bool has_data{false};
  bufferlist data;
  bool prefetch_data{false};
  uint64_t pg_ver{0};

  /* important! don't forget to update copy constructor */

  RGWObjVersionTracker objv_tracker;

  map<string, bufferlist> attrset;
  RGWRawObjState() {}

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