Git Cheat Sheet

  • Describe a change number
    $ git show dc54076

  • Reset the current branch with HEAD of master

    $ git fetch origin
    $ git reset --hard origin/master
  • Keep your branch in sync with origina master branch
    $ git pull origin master

  • Arrange all changes in order. Fixes the log too.
    $ git rebase origin wip_my_work

  • Squash commits in one commit. 2 represents number of commits to review.
    $ git rebase -i HEAD~2

  • Compare two branches
    $ git diff master..my_branch

  • Modify a commit message
    $ git commit --amend

  • Find diff of local file against remote master

    $ git fetch origin master
    $ git diff origin/master -- [local-path]
  • Elaborate comment amend techniques

  • Stash current commits

    $ git stash
    $ git stash list
    $ git stash apply stash@{0}
  • Recover/ revert a file to original/master copy

    # For a committed file
    $ git checkout origin/master filename  
    # For a local, uncommitted file 
    $ git checkout -- filename
  • Delete a local branch

    $ git branch -d branch_name
    $ git branch -D branch_name
  • Squash local commits
    $git reset --soft HEAD~3 && git commit

  • Delete files from staging

    $ git reset file_name
  • Pull master’s changes to your local branch
    $git checkout my_branch
    $git rebase master

  • Push your local branch changes to master branch
    $git checkout my_branch
    $git merge master

  • Alias to add and commit a changed file

    $ git config --global alias.c "!git add -A && git commit -m"


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