Guidelines for a System Architect

The system architect is key personnel to enable the success of an organization. From the book, Building Microservices, I learned the following worth highlighting nuggets:

An architect defines the technical vision of an organization. This vision is compatible with the strategic goals (e.g. expanding markets, market segments, etc) of the company. Taking an example of a town planner, an architect defines the zone in a town but not what goes in a zone. However, the architect defines how interaction happens among zones.

The technical vision is implemented by developers and the architect needs to ensure that vision is standard and adaptable too. It allows ease of development and a long-tern lower cost for the company.

The architect also needs to ensure that vision is translated sincerely in the product aka governance. The technical vision constantly evolves so an architect needs to stay top of the latest technical developments and have an open approach to refine and redefine the current vision.

What does an Architect Do?

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