etcd: A Reliable Distributed KV Store

  • Pronounced et-cee-dee
  • Persistent KV store
  • Uses Raft protocol to maintain data consistency
  • Developed in Go
  • Popular Use case: Kubernetes, Consul

Installation (OSX)

  • Step 1
    $ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null
  • Step 2
    $ brew install etcd
  • Step 3
    $ which etcd

Start Server and Make Requests

  • Step 4
    $ /usr/local/bin/etcd
    [WARNING] Deprecated '--logger=capnslog' flag is set; use '--logger=zap' flag instead
    2020-03-23 01:11:59.084231 I | etcdmain: etcd Version: 3.4.4
    2020-03-23 01:11:59.084520 I | etcdmain: Git SHA: Not provided (use ./build instead of go build)
    2020-03-23 01:11:59.084527 I | etcdmain: Go Version: go1.13.8
    2020-03-23 01:11:59.084529 I | etcdmain: Go OS/Arch: darwin/amd64
  • Step 5
    $ etcdctl put mykey "this is a test"
    $ etcdctl get mykey 
    this is a test


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