Reactive Extensions: Asynchronous Reactive Systems

Reactive Extensions: Asynchronous Reactive Systems

Reactive Extension is a paradigm to develop systems using the react model. It’s an event-driven state machine for functions. It’s possible to represent either synchronous or asynchronous communication with Reactive Extensions.

All we need is a message broker, producer of events (Observable), and consumers(Observer).

Typically, the consumer processes an event with a set of transformation/ processing. Each of the transformations is a step in the reactive pipeline. Each stage processes the data from the previous state.

In a simple sense, a typical function flow in a listener component is as following:

1. Get message
2. Unpack message
3. Process the payload
4. Log the result

With reactive experience, each step can become a thread, having a pipe for reading/writing data. Each step can be synchronous or asynchronous. We can have many pipelines, defined with a different set of tools (filters, map).


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