golang: How to Add Better Context to Errors

golang: How to Add Better Context to Errors

There are at least three ways to add more context to errors.

  1. fmt.Errorf
  2. errors package
  3. zap library
package main

import (

	werr "github.com/pkg/errors"

// 1. wraps with a message
func wrap(e error) error {
	return fmt.Errorf("another layer - %w", e)

// 2. wraps with callstack and message
func betterWrap(e error) error {
	return werr.Wrap(e, "a better layer")

// 3. wraps with the first callstack frame
func zapLogger(e error) {
	logger, _ := zap.NewProduction()
	defer logger.Sync()
	logger.Info("failed to fetch URL",
		// Structured context as strongly typed Field values.

func main() {
	e := errors.New("a test err")

	fmt.Printf("err= %+v\n", wrap(e))
	fmt.Printf("%+v\n", betterWrap(e))


 $ go run err_context.go


err= another layer - a test err

errors package

a test err
a better layer


"msg":"failed to fetch URL","error":"a test err"}


I like the errors package the most. It has a relevant context to troubleshoot a problem.

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