What is Auth and Capture?

An auth and capture transaction is suitable for credit-based purchases with a delay involved. An example is an e-commerce sale that involves shipping after a few days.

The payment is authed at the time of purchase and captured at the time of shipping.

  • Authorize: authorize a subscriber’s credit card/ account for a period (expires after 30 days)

    • check with the subscriber’s bank to see if the credit card is legitimate
    • has sufficient funds for the amount authorized.
      If the subscriber’s bank approves, a hold is placed on the funds in the subscriber’s account but no money has moved, yet.
  • Capture: To move money from the subscriber’s account, you have to issue a capture request on the original authorization to collect (“capture”) the funds.

  • Cancel: If you choose not to capture the funds from the subscriber’s account, you can explicitly cancel the authorization to release the hold on those funds.



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