How to Add Multiple Directories in GOPATH with VSCode?

Since go versions keep moving up, maintaining GOPATH inside a Go installation path is a pain.

export GOPATH=/home/a-user/go/1.14.9
ls /home/a-user/go/1.14.0/src

Adding multiple directories in GOPATH

  1. Create a directory e.g. for work
    mkdir $HOME/mywork
  2. GOPATH assumes a structure in the directory, so create three directories inside.
    ls $HOME/mywork
    bin pkg src
  3. You will do all your personal development work inside $HOME/mywork/src.
    ls $HOME/mywork/src
  4. Append .bashrc or .zshrc (append is a must, it won’t work otherwise because GOPATH is preset by goenv)
    # keep it at the end of the file
    export GOENV_ROOT="$HOME/.goenv"
    export PATH="$GOENV_ROOT/bin:$PATH"
    eval "$(goenv init -)"
    export PATH="$GOROOT/bin:$PATH"
    export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"
    export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/bin"
    # add personal directory
    export GOPATH="$GOPATH:$HOME/mywork/"
  5. Open the directory $HOME/mywork/src/project-01 in VSCode workspace.
  6. If you have the VSCode extension for Go installed, restart VSCode.

If go to implementation doesn’t work, ensure that go is installed properly with src directory.

ls $HOME/go/1.14.0/ 
bin pkg src

That’s all folks!


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