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Design: Brave Device Sync

The Brave Browser offers a sync facility that keeps bookmarks and browsing history across Brave browser installations. So your data from phone, laptop or iPad could all become one. All at the same time respecting your privacy. The current design of sync uses a device ID to identify […]

Dummies Guide to HTTP Cache Control

All modern browsers cache response for a request (HEAD/GET). Cache-Control is primarily meant for browser cache and how & where the server-side caches a response. Max Cache Time Browsers cache a response for the value of max-age response header If the response is expired, the browser can use […]

What is TCP BBR?

What is BBR A congestion control based on measuring the two parameters that characterize a path: bottleneck bandwidth and round-trip propagation time, or BBR. Why Use BBR? Better congestion control algorithm in TCP. No need to change the client. More effective in a high packet loss network! The […]