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>Linux Secrets!

>1. Linux uses COW scheme with virtual memory management.2. Threads in Linux can be LinuxThreads, NPTL(Redhat). NPTL is more efficient and from kernel 2.6 onwards it’ll be used. Using env variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL you can decide which thread library to choose.3. Linux kernel do not discriminate between threads and […]

>Linux Memory Management Secrets!

>Tips to Improve Dynamic Memory Performance – Instead of using memset() to initialize malloc()’ed memory, use calloc(). Because when you call memset(), VM system has to map the pages in to memory in order to zero initialize them. It’s very expensive and wasteful if you don’t intend to […]

Rational Clearcase: Some Useful Commands

Hi, Rational Clearcase is perhaps the most popular version management software across various organizations. Here is my humble attempt to capture most useful commands that can save a lot of your time. a) Creating an element $cleartool mkelem -eltype{binary, directory etc.} elem_name b) Creating many elements at once […]