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Flash based I/O accelerators for enterprises

Flash is an inexpensive and fast cache for servers. There are many solutions that manage flash and offer system-wide or application-specific acceleration. Major solutions are as follows: Sandisk FlashSoft Intel Cache Accelerator Software EMC XtremSW NetApp FlashCache LSI Nytro FusionIO Features These solutions cache disk blocks and uses […]

Openstack swift: EADDRNOTAVAIL error

Problem swift-bench keeps EADDRNOTAVAIL error with a highly concurrency setting and multiple swift-bench clients. Setup Ubuntu 13, Swift single machine installation (refer SAIO), swift-client runs local with no-proxy mode. Solution EADDRNOTAVAIL stands for either unavailability of ephemeral ports and a known kernel bug. Check your range of ports: […]

>Ruby on Rails

>Bored of J2EE? I came across a new web app development framework called Ruby on Rails. Based on Agile development philosophy, it’s one of the most popular web framework today. As name suggests, it let’s you develop your web application faster and conveniently. All you need to know […]