What is a Data Platform?

Over time, organizations need to go beyond a single DB for querying and storing data to a set of DBs that cater to different business requirements. A Data Platform might comprise: Search Index A relational DB NoSQL DB Data Warehouse Why a Data Warehouse? It is a subject […]

Linux Memory Management Tricks

Tips to Improve Dynamic Memory Performance Instead of using memset() to initialize malloc()’ed memory, use calloc(). Because when you call memset(), VM system has to map the pages in to memory in order to zero initialize them. It’s very expensive and wasteful if you don’t intend to use […]

Notes on Go Structure Tags

Go has a feature to create a user-defined type with struct. Go also allows the program to specify meta-information with structure field. This meta-information is called Tags. A tag usually helps in packaging/unpacking a user-defined type structure. package main import ( “encoding/json” “fmt” ) type Test struct { […]