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What is a Data Platform?

Over time, organizations need to go beyond a single DB for querying and storing data to a set of DBs that cater to different business requirements. A Data Platform might comprise: Search Index A relational DB NoSQL DB Data Warehouse Why a Data Warehouse? It is a subject […]

Istio: A Novice Explanation

Istio: A Novice Explanation What is ISTIO A microservices manager A service mesh based system. Service mesh means a system built with many microservices 🙂 Manages traffic, policies for authorization, encryption, load balancing, tracing, logging (all repetitive tasks are clubbed in ISTIO) It is another layer on a […]

Architecture Pattern: CQRS

Command and Query Responsibility Segregation provides excellent decoupling for shared data at a nominal price of higher latency for latest data. It fits very well in micro service architecture for cases of data sharing among services where one service is a reader and another a writer. Implementation Suppose […]

Opera Browser: Architecture

Opera is built on Chromium project. Chromium is an open  source project that uses WebKit, a free and open source rendering engine. WebKit is open sourced by Apple. So, Google Chrome and Opera resemble a lot. They use process for each tab and look similar. The benefit of […]