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How to Fix File is not `gofumpt`-ed (gofumpt) error

gofumpt is a stricter version of gofmt. The lint tool finds more errors and reports. One such error is that File is not gofumpt-ed. The solution to the problem is as follows: Please install gofumpt The easiest solution is to run gofumpt on the troubled files. gofumpt -w <fileame> Written with StackEdit.

Google Pubsub Error: The Keyfile is not a Valid File

The error came during authentication of pubsub subscriber. The error log is misleading and point to a problm with the service account key file. However, the source code to process the logic is as follows: https://github.com/googleapis/google-auth-library-ruby/blob/master/lib/googleauth/credentials.rb # Verify that the keyfile argument is a file. def verify_keyfile_exists! keyfile exists = ::File.file? keyfile raise “The keyfile…

Java Fix: Applications Blocked by Security Settings for Windows 7

Are you seeing following errors? Java applications are blocked by your security settings. Missing Application-Name manifest attribute Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar Starting with Java 8, there is no medium risk setting in Security tab under Java You will keep getting this error till you revert to older Java (suggested Java 7,…