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What is TCP BBR?

What is BBR A congestion control based on measuring the two parameters that characterize a path: bottleneck bandwidth and round-trip propagation time, or BBR. Why Use BBR? Better congestion control algorithm in TCP. No need to change the client. More effective in a high packet loss network! The […]

Understanding Ruby Symbols

Ruby is an interpreted language. It is dynamically typed and uses a new memory for a variable. A variable has a name and a value. Symbols are an optimized variable that holds single instance of memory. It is good for variables that assume the same values across the […]

Linux Memory Management Tricks

Tips to Improve Dynamic Memory Performance Instead of using memset() to initialize malloc()’ed memory, use calloc(). Because when you call memset(), VM system has to map the pages in to memory in order to zero initialize them. It’s very expensive and wasteful if you don’t intend to use […]

Internals of Linux Process Signals

Linux Signals A process in Linux is represented as task_struct. A process A sends a signal to process B using system call kill() or kill -<sig num> <pid>. Kernel updates the task_struct of the receiving process B. It changes the signal field with the passed value. The scheduler […]