Mac OS iTerm2 validateTextureDimensions: failed assertion

I was playing with font sizes on iTerm2 on Mac OS (Mojave) and suddenly iTerm2 started to crash uncontrollably. In spite of uninstall/new install, the crash persisted.
The panic string was:

validateTextureDimensions:1081: failed assertion
`MTLTextureDescriptor has width (78728) greater
than the maximum allowed size of 16384.'

However, trying to start iTerm2 would open an empty terminal and its menu bar. I thought of checking the iTerm2 settings and found font size value of 5000.

The value might have changed while I was trying to update font size. iTerm could never recover after seeing such a huge value as rendering them would need more memory that could fit in its buffers.


  • Just make sure you have a reasonable font size (< 20 ?) value. That is all.

What iTerm versions are affected?

  • Build 3.3.20190430-nightly

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