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Liveness vs Readiness Health Checks in Application

The liveness check finds if the application is alive or not. The application defines the logic and the liveness check verifies the expected output. A webserver liveness check could include an HTTP handler that returns a fixed response or checks application dependencies. Sample Liveness check send a pong response in the handler combine health check…

Bringing a Pod Down in Kubernetes

Make Replicas Zero to Pause/Stop a Pod $ kubectl scale –replicas=0 deployment/<service name> -n staging deployment.extensions/<service name> scaled It’s useful to test a bringdown status of a service. References StackOverflow

Kubernetes for Dummies: StatefulSet

Kubernetes provides virtualized infrastructure components such as storage, compute and network. Imagine an operating system that allows users to allocate resources and run their applications. StatefulSet is a type of application that needs to persist information across lifetimes 🙂 The storage is exposed as a class and name. Storage class mimic real world and has…