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What is Special in HTTP 2.0?

Useful Points: Unlike text protocol HTTP/1.0 & HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2.0 is binary based protocol. So tools like curl are needed to make requests instead of plain telnet. The TCP connection is now multiplexed for multiple requests. So a client should open only one connection. Few browsers support HTTP/2.0 with only TLS. The compression of data is not encouraged. Reference https://ma.ttias.be/architecting-websites-http2-era/

NAT Protocol Simplified Explanation

The purpose of NAT protocol is to reduce usage of public IPs A host needs a public IP to connect to Internet If the host is part of a LAN with a gateway router, a host can use private IP to make requests to public Internet. The public Internet would see that all the requests are originating from a LAN…

NDMP: An open protocol to backup enterprise data

NDMP is an open protocol that enables backup/ restore of data in a heterogeneous environment. A real world case: You have two file servers(filer) from NetApp and EMC. And you want to backup your data without bothering about which filer you’d use. Here NDMP comes into play. If both the filers are running an NDMP server, you can seamlessly carry…