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Best Python memcache client: Python-memcached v/s Pylibmc

Recently, I tried to access memcached server on local and remote setup in a Python application. I am sharing my experience with two of most popular clients.


  • The first choice was a pure  Python solution to access memcached, that is python-memcached. It is a simple to install, understand and use solution.
  • It do not offer many customization setting, at least on its README 🙂
  • Very less or non-existent, useful documentation
  • Fails consistently for a high frequency request to memcached server. Failures are for simultaneous read on a file xxx.  I could not find an easy fix for this problem.
  • I do not suggest using it for a highly scalable application.


  • Bare minimum Python wrapper to C/C++ API to memcached
  • Installation was simple similar to Python-memcached
  • Offers many useful options during connection setup (such as non-blocking requests, TCP no-delay disable)
  • Shows no problem in demanding and highly scalable application
  • Shows better performance than Python-memcached

My verdict: Pylibmc is a clear winner 🙂

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