Assertion failed: (!STR_EMBED_P(shared)), function str_new_frozen, file string.c, line 1075.

Solution If you workflow has Docker container, please stop the containers. Check with $docker ps and verify that all containers are in exited state. Set the right Ruby version. Find out from the project repo Makefile, build scripts. Update the bundler to same version as of Ruby. Reference

Ruby Class Members: Getter & Setter

The simplest example of read_attr, write_attr in a class. class Person attr_reader :name, :age attr_writer :name, :age # creates the setter methods def initialize(name) [@name]( = name end endmike =‘Mike’) mike.age = 20 # calling setter method mike.age # calling getter method, returns 20 Reference The example is verbatim from an easy to follow … More Ruby Class Members: Getter & Setter