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Neovim, Vim and Go Setup on Mac

  • Installing neovim

       pip2 install --user neovim
       pip3 install --user neovim
  • If you need Homebrew’s Python 2.7 run
    brew install python@2

  • You can install Python packages with

    pip3 install <package>

    They will install into the site-package directory

  • Path of neovim rc

– So far the most complete Go-vim setup:

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An efficient system setup for Linux programmer – part 2

We discussed the skeleton of the setup in Part 1. This post talks of the applications and utilities that would salvage your soul and make you feel blessed of FOSS. As I am a programmer, we will strictly talk of generic development application.

  • Gnome Connection Manager: If you know about “putty”, still read on. It is a Python-Glade based application that provides SSH connections to remote hosts. It gives you power of:
    • Persistent database of hosts (Save once and log-in forever, without password)
    • Tabbed interface
    • Split your tabbed session in multiple horizontal/ vertical screens
    • Thrifty with memory and CPU time
    • Save screen buffer in a text file
  • GVim: Very quick and lightweight editor. Use all your VIM knowledge with it!
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