A Software Design Document Template

The design document is a key piece of a project and used throughout the lifecycle of the product. The following is a sample template for a software design document: Introduction – A paragraph about project/product Objective – A paragraph on the problem being solved Requirements – Specifications, expectations High-Level Design – How the new product/feature … More A Software Design Document Template

MVC Explained

MVC is an architecture to separate an application in three cohesive, loosely coupled verticals. Model: The data of your application and methods to access it. View: The final output/expected result. Controller: The interface that handles requests from the model I’m trying to map it to a Linux Filesystem (e.g. ext2). Model: The file system block … More MVC Explained

XMPP, Pidgin and Openfire: Capturing a message packet

This weekend Pritam sir and I sat again to nail the problem of hacking chat messages from Openfire server. As expected, we started afresh (our failing memories :D). Here are the takeaways: Our pidgin client (version 2.10) could not connect (error: Not authorized). Add your buddy carefully. Username/ password, domain (IP address of hosting Openfire … More XMPP, Pidgin and Openfire: Capturing a message packet