What is a Data Platform?

Over time, organizations need to go beyond a single DB for querying and storing data to a set of DBs that cater to different business requirements. A Data Platform might comprise: Search Index A relational DB NoSQL DB Data Warehouse Why a Data Warehouse? It is a subject of interest to understand how the application […]

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The most efficient Image format- WebP?

The most efficient Image format- WebP? I always knew that PNG followed by JPEG were the most efficnent, lossy image compression format. However, there is a new image format, webP. It is developed by Google and comes in lossy as well as lossless format. How is it better than PNG/JPEG? The webP image is ~30% […]

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Hard drives: Native Command Ordering

A simple hard drive today is capable of things that sound like some outlandish technology. Just try to do some file I/O in your application and do it with many threads. Say you have 4 threads, A,B,C, and D. And request to do I/O comes in A then B and so on. If you check […]

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